10 advantages of email for marketing strategy

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Best Email Marketing Services Company

The 10 advantages of Best Email Marketing Services Company for your marketing strategy

1 – An unbeatable price

Best Email Marketing Services Company is very inexpensive in the market.

Most professional software, such as Sendinblue, offers free registration and the possibility of launching your first campaign at no cost.

Thereafter, you will have the possibility of opting for a package corresponding to your needs. Either way, emailing is a much cheaper channel than mail marketing, display advertising, or using Google Ads.

Good to know: for comparison, according to a study by WebFx, an average company can expect to spend between 9 and 1000 per month for an effective emailing campaign. This amount can be as high as 10,000 for a Google Ads campaign!

2 – No need for technical knowledge

Sending emails is very simple and does not require prior programming knowledge.

Platforms for creating and sending emails are generally intuitive and offer a very easy-to-use editor for adding content and images in drag-and-drop mode.

If you use Sendinblue, for example, you just need to follow these 4 steps to launch your first email campaign:

Set up your campaign: here, you just need to choose a name for your campaign (this is not visible to your recipients), a subject, and a sender’s name.

Emailing advantages – setting up your campaign

Choose one of our many templates. They were created by our designers and are already perfectly adapted for viewing on mobile.

Emailing advantages – choose a template

Insert your content in drag & drop mode. You can easily edit existing blocks, move or delete them, change images, color, font, etc. At this stage, you can also view the display on mobile and send yourself a test email.

Emailing advantage – edit your template

Select your recipients: in the last step before sending, you can simply select a contact list, add or exclude several lists.

Emailing advantage – select your contacts

There you go, you can now send your first email!

3 – A message in the right place, at the right time

Emails have the advantage of reaching recipients wherever they are, 24 hours a day.

With professional email marketing software, you can plan your mailings. You can choose different sending times for different recipients – depending on their geographic location or past behavior.

Sendinblue even allows you to automatically optimize the sending schedule.

From your second campaign, our system analyzes your reports and automatically determines the best time for each recipient.

To go further: discover our guide on the best sending time for your emailing. No time to read a full article? Our infographic gives you the same information at a glance.

4 – A good way to boost your brand image

Emailing allows you to give free rein to your creativity.

Indeed, an email is above all a blank space that allows you to create freely, insert the content you want and reorganize it as you see fit.

Unlike social networks which force you to use a basic interface, emailing allows you to fully express your visual identity.

This allows you to reinforce your brand image and create an identity immediately recognizable by your recipients.

Below, the example of Cabaïa, which imposes its particular, colorful, and crazy atmosphere while recalling the colors of France (and therefore a certain tradition):

Emailing advantage – sample newsletter

5 – Perfect for getting to know your customers

Emailing allows you to easily analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing solutions give you the possibility to measure the behavior of your recipients: opening rate, click rate, purchasing behavior, etc.

Thanks to these indicators, you will be able to quickly understand what elements interest your recipients.

In addition, you will have the possibility of carrying out A/B tests. This means that you can create two emails with different contents and send them to your recipients. The two variants will be compared, allowing you to easily determine which elements work best.

Emailing also lends itself perfectly to surveys.

Once the opinions of your recipients have been collected, you can simply use this information to personalize the content of your messages and send them exactly the emails they wish to receive.

Here is the example of Artips which asks you directly in its newsletter how you found this one:

Email marketing advantage – sample newsletter

6 – Personalized communication

The advantage of professional emailing software like Sendinblue is that it makes it very easy to create personalized messages.

You can insert personalization modules and dynamically modify elements such as the subject, the calling formula, or the products/contents that you offer in the body of the mailing.

You can choose to display different elements to your contacts according to criteria such as age, gender, or purchasing behavior.

Thus, you will not give the impression of sending impersonal mass emails and will be able to respond to the specific desires and needs of each of your contacts.

If you use Sendinblue, for example, you can easily insert dynamic personalizations into your emails:

Use the correct format. To be taken into account, customizations must always be in {{ contact.ATTRIBUTE }}. You just need to replace the word ATTRIBUTE with the contact attribute name.
Attributes are defined on your contact page. Here we imported attributes such as the contact’s first name, preferred color, account manager, and last item purchased.

Emailing advantages – contact attributes

Insert your customizations. You just have to paste these in your email: here, we have inserted a personalization for the first name, the last product purchased, and the account manager.

advantage – customizations
Here is! You can now test your emailing and check that the customizations work before sending.

Best Email Marketing Services Company advantage – personalization

7 – A non-intrusive communication channel

An added benefit of email marketing is that it reaches readers in a private space – the inbox.

Unlike a phone call which often interrupts what the recipient is doing, emailing can be opened when the reader feels like it.

This allows your contacts to take the time to discover your offers and gives emailing a private and intimate character – unlike the public exposure of social networks.

8 – Best Email Marketing Services Company adapted for mobile display

Professional email solutions allow you to send messages optimized for display on all devices.

Today, more than half of emails are opened on mobile, so your messages must be in responsive design.

Fortunately, software like Sendinblue offers you many newsletter templates that are already optimized for mobile. So you just have to insert your texts and images, without having to worry about the display.

To go further: discover our 7 commandments of email design and learn how to create the perfect responsive emailing!

9 – Simple campaigns to automate

One of the main benefits of email is the ability to automate your campaigns.

You can save time by creating automatic scenarios that will allow you to accompany your customers throughout their journey.

Best Email Marketing Services Company Advantage – marketing automation

The possibilities in marketing automation are endless, but some basic campaigns have already proven themselves:

The welcome campaign: an essential classic, it allows you to welcome your new contacts. Perfect for offering them a voucher or explaining to them what the content of your future newsletters will be.
The birthday mailing: if you know the birthday of your contacts, a message with a small gift will be sent to them automatically.
Personalized product placement: one of your prospects visited your website and lingered on a specific product without buying? Automatically send him an email with a small discount on this product to encourage him to take the step.
Sendinblue offers you, tailor-made models, for these three scenarios. Just get started with just a few clicks!

To go further: discover our guide on lead nurturing and learn how to accompany your prospects towards the purchase with personalized emails.

10 – Constantly evolving technology

Professional emailing platforms are constantly evolving to meet market needs.

Companies that offer this service are constantly working on their product, creating new features, and offering new services, thus expanding the potential and benefits of email marketing.

The big trend is towards multi-channel marketing, with service providers expanding their solution to offer more than just emailing software.

Here is a small sample of the innovative features that Sendinblue offers you:

Landing pages, to create beautiful landing pages (for example to thank you for registration) on which you can offer vouchers, collect opinions from your contacts, and much more.
A CRM that allows you to centralize all your customer data, add notes (for example, about your last meeting), and organize communication with your contacts more efficiently.
A Facebook Ads integration, which allows you to create marketing campaigns on Facebook, directly from your Sendinblue account.


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