Alzheimer’s care Bromsgrove

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If you are looking for Alzheimer’s care at Bromsgrove, you have come to the right place. We know you want the best for your parents or grandparents when it comes to choosing a nursing home. The decision becomes especially difficult when they have conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. You want to keep them close enough to visit frequently and still at a place where they will be taken care of by trained staff. Aster Healthcare understands this so we are here to offer you highly excellent services with all of our nursing homes located near public transportation points for easy access.

Life at Alzheimer’s care Bromsgrove nursing homes is full of afternoon tea dances and picnics in the garden. Our residents are free to hop out and visit the local stores or just enjoy a stroll outside the premises. Although we encourage socializing and participating in planned group activities, if our resident is more comfortable with reading their favorite book with a cup of tea, they are most welcome to do so. Our residents always do enjoy the homemade scones offered with the tea. Most of the patients here like to enjoy afternoon tea in the garden with their friends.

Some of the rooms at our Alzheimer’s care Bromsgrove nursing homes have their own private gardens. Along with self-contained bedrooms and sociable spaces, we have a lift, wheelchair access, gardens for the residents, nearby public transportation, phone points in all bedrooms, and televisions in all bedrooms. You can come and check on your patient any time you want and see that their needs are fulfilled properly.

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