Benefits of Massage Therapy

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People with messed-up work-life routines do not get much time to appreciate their health. Even if they do sometimes, they are too lazy to even fetch themselves a glass of water. The evolution of every field has to lead the people to facilitate themselves in every way possible. On one hand, it is a good gesture for the people who have their routine works twisted. But it is not appreciated for the people who are in fine health, avail of these opportunities and do negligible physical work.

The same goes for mental health and it keeps up. Doing work all day and not giving the body the rest, it deserves can make it ill, dull, and weak. Not to mention the possibility of dry and stiff skin which can lead to further several health issues.

The human body can fall into any kind of stress. The stress can be due to a physical accident, work tension, or body strains due to excessive exercise. Any kind of stress can be dealt with easily by a little health care. In matters like these, massage is considered one of the best treatments to help with stress.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Following are some benefits of massage therapy that result in reduced stress factors in the body both mentally and physically:

1.   Controlled Heart Rate:

When the heart doesn’t pump the blood in the body at the required rate every organ upsets its working. Neither increased nor low heart rate is a healthy sign. The heart rate of average health is said to be 72 heartbeats per minute. This is when heart rate is considered normal or optimal.

But for a body with no physical activity will have a hard time maintaining its heart rate at optimal. This kind of routine can develop both kinds of stress in the body; mental and physical. When the stressed body is massaged throughout the full-body, any ailments in the flow of blood are removed. This gives the body a relaxed sensation and no more disturbed heart flow till the effect of the current session wears off.

2.   Improved Sleep:

Some people develop a habit of not falling asleep due to the increased stress levels of the body. Their mind doesn’t allow their body to shut off. As a result, the body stays awake like in a day. This can decrease their productivity at work and ultimately make them ill. Because of the disturbed sleeping routine, your body organs will stop working efficiently.

Checking out a spa in Greenwich for massage therapy can offer great help in this condition. The combination of gentle and hard strokes will alleviate the blood flow and the body muscles will loosen up. This will help the body to relax and fall asleep like a baby. With nothing going on in your mind your body won’t resist sleeping. And will shut off the moment you have your head on the pillow.

3.   Improved Blood Pressure:

Massage therapies are famous and medically recommended majorly due to this very benefit it provides. Lowered blood pressure of the body can make you feel dizzy and may faint you out sometimes. On the other hand, increased than normal blood pressure gives you swollen hands and feet. Not to mention the continuous joint pain and itchy feelings on several parts of the body.

Massage therapies are the way to ensure the optimal flow of blood in the body. The therapist knows the methods to maintain the normal pressure of the body. They use different techniques of hands and some oils and aromas to provide a better user experience. Improved blood pressure will reduce the stress on the muscles of the body and stress on the mind.

4.   Reduced Joint Pains:

Chronic pains are normal in a stressed body. These continuous pains can decrease your productivity exponentially. They can become severe if not cured in time. normal symptoms of having joint issues other than pain are redness on the joint or heat around the joint.

A massage therapy once in a while can decrease these chronic joint pains close to none. The therapist uses special herbal oils and hand techniques to provide you with the best result you can ask for. Once the tissues of the body are relaxed the stiffness around the joint will be decreased. Which will allow more movement of the body part. The pain will also be gone when the natural pain killers of the body kick in.

5.   Increased Body Strength:

With every gentle stroke, the body muscles are warmed up and with every hard stroke, they are broken. Repeating the process repeatedly for every body part increases its strength to bear the pain and grow stronger. The signal to the brain allows the body to send pain messages to it.

The more times process is repeated the stronger it gets and the lesser the signals are sent. Another reason for fewer signals could be the increased blood flow. As with the increased blood flow, the production of endorphins is also increased. Which is commonly known as the happy hormone. Their presence in the body makes you feel more positive and the mood swings are also controlled.

6.   More Agile Body:

If massage can make the body stronger then it also increases your reflexes. Mostly sportspersons with stressed body and mental stress are suggested a sports massage. This spa in Greenwich provides them a massage that helps them in increasing their body strength and also the agility of their body. A relaxed body can provide you with a much more healing factor and quick responses.

7.   Enhanced Mind Working:

A body under stress cannot provide as much efficient work as a relaxed body and mind. Massage therapy can relax a mind full of stressful thoughts. And which keeps itself running a wild thought or work tasks all the time. A stress-free mind can make a better and quick decision in no time compared to a mind which isn’t in condition to work.  You need a massage to think straight and improve your productivity in work tasks and life dealings.

To get the best massage therapy in town to help you relax your body from stress and pain you should visit the meridian spa. They can fill you in with all available therapies and treatments in the time slot you are interested in. 


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