Buffalo Wings in West London

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Dragons Peri Peri offers the most delicious, spicy, and juiciest Buffalo Wings in West London. Even though we are most famous for our legendary Grilled Chicken and Beef Burgers, we have always tried to bring perfection to all of the items in our menu. Our Buffalo Wings in West London were added to the menu almost 2 years ago and since then, with the help of our customers’ honest feedback, we have perfected the recipe slowly and steadily.

You can get your Buffalo Wings in West London customized in terms of taste and order sizes. You can get us to make them more spicy or more tender according to your taste. In terms of size, you can order a family size serving and get more discount. Our buffalo wings are guaranteed to make your mouth water and sate your hunger. They go really well with a fizzy drink or our Arabian Rice. The balanced spices and perfectly cooked meat of our buffalo wings is what make it so unique. Our customers love them and never forget to compliment how unique our buffalo wings taste compared to other food joints in Hounslow.

Our first priority is always customer satisfaction and that is why we have people coming to us regularly for our food for years. You can also get your orders delivered at your doorstep if you don’t feel like picking it up yourself. Our delivery partners include Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo. Have a happy meal!

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