Dragons Peri Peri

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If you are trying to find the Dragons Peri Peri, you have come to the right place. Dragons Peri Peri is one of the most famous burger joints in West London, Hounslow. If you are in search of Halal and juicy grilled burgers and scrumptious and tender chicken buffalo wings, then look no more! Team Dragons Per Peri always works extra hard on its recipes to make sure they bring something innovative and worth-the-money product to their customers. They play special attention to the feedback of their customers and have made sure to incorporate this feedback into recipe betterment. Therefore, over the years, with the help of their clients, Dragons Peri Peri has perfected the whole of its menu quite amazingly.

Unlike chicken wings from other food stalls in Hounslow, their delicious fresh chicken wings are never dry or over-cooked. Overcooking or over-grilling leads to evaporation of all the moisture from the meat making it dry and bland-tasting. They have made their name in the West London street food scene by constantly making improvements in the menu, both taste-wise as well as variety-wise. They are famous for the extensive menu as unlike other burger joints in West London, they provide much more than just burgers. We tried several chicken wings from different food joints in West London and the most delicious fresh chicken wings that checked all the boxes for us was none other than Dragons Peri Peri. You can go there and try it for yourself at 173, Staines road, Tw33LL Hounslow.

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