How to Buy the Best Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth speakers can be a practical way to listen to music. More often, music is saved on smartphones or perhaps other devices that have Bluetooth equipped.

With a Bluetooth speaker, it is possible to enjoy music on these tiny devices at a moderate volume, without the need for headphones.

There’s a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers available. What are the key features you should look for when choosing the top Bluetooth speaker?

As you would expect, there is indeed a wide difference in performance and quality. Therefore, it is important to determine your specifications and then choose the most effective rate at a reasonable cost

How do Bluetooth speakers function?

As the name suggests, Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth connectivity to connect the music source and the Bluetooth speaker

Note on Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard used for communication with a short distance. Using its 2.48 GHz ISM band and other techniques such as frequency shifting, it has evolved into an open standard suitable for audio communications and various forms of wireless connectivity, including IoT, in which low power is the key.

The Bluetooth speaker has Bluetooth connectivity as well as an amplifier and speakers. In addition, a battery is included, which makes the speaker compact and portable.

The second input can be added to allow wired connectivity if needed.

The Bluetooth speaker’s control usually comprises the On/Off switch volume controls along with a pairing button and an indicator. In certain situations, NFC could be used to facilitate pairing.

Which is the most suitable Bluetooth speaker?

The first step in selecting the most suitable Bluetooth speaker to buy is to choose the exact purpose for which you want to use it. Some speakers are designed for use in the home. At the same time, some are outdoors, such as when you’re barbecuing outside. Other speakers could be portable to take with you on your travels.

Before choosing the right speaker for your needs, it is important to decide what you want. The most suitable Bluetooth speaker for your home is not the ideal choice for traveling because the conditions will be completely different.

There are a variety of things to take into consideration when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker:

Life of the battery

The life of the battery is an important aspect to take into consideration. It is not advisable to recharge your speaker every hour. It ought to last for as long as you anticipate using it. Smaller speakers typically have smaller batteries and do not perform as well; however, some of the bigger ones are expected to last for 24 hours! The most common operation lengths can range from 4 to 10 hours, and the average battery lifespan will be stated. The reason behind this is that the higher the volume you use the speaker, the greater amount of current it draws, and the battery will not last as long as it is required to recharge. But when you buy a Bluetooth loudspeaker, ensure that the battery’s lifespan is enough to meet your needs. Remember that the Li-ion batteries in use don’t like to be completely exhausted, so make sure to charge them before you start using the speaker and don’t let it go without charging. As the batteries grow older, the amount of charge they can hold decreases.

Sound quality

It is good to have a Bluetooth speaker that makes a good sound. Most of them provide specific specifications on total distortion, and less than one percent is an ideal goal. The lower the number, the better. Certain speakers do not indicate this, and you’ll need to check it out. The frequency response is crucial. Certain speakers are more appealing than others, and this is usually due to improved frequency response. Figures show the high and low frequencies that can be heard before the sound disappears. Images like 100 Hz up to 20 kHz could be noticed. The 100 Hz frequency is the lowest, while 20 kHz is the high frequency. Since most of us can’t hear more than 20 kHz, particularly as we age and become more accustomed to hearing, the top frequency isn’t crucial. The low frequency identifies the bass level we might expect. The lower the frequency, the more bass.


Numerous styles are accessible to Bluetooth speakers. It’s possible to pick the design that best suits your desire.


Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of sizes. There are small cylindrical or conical models designed for extremely portable use and fit into luggage, and the larger ones are designed to give higher quality audio. They could be rectangular or even a bit more cylindrical. The more powerful the device, the better audio quality, and the bigger ones may have larger batteries to last longer.

Audio power

There are a few Bluetooth speakers that come with this feature. Suppose it is mentioned that it is in the watts. Ten watts can be high, but the low efficiency of the speakers in small cases means that they are not very efficient. Make sure you know that you will require more power in large rooms and when used outside.


Bluetooth speakers are convenient, usually because they are portable, meaning that they can be used anywhere, even close to water. Electronics and water don’t combine, which is why it’s common to be able to have a speaker which is made waterproof. Some speakers are submersible, but it’s more common to get water-resistant speakers. Water-resistant speakers are particularly beneficial when used near a pool or on the beach.

Bluetooth version

 Bluetooth v.1 is the very first version to be released several times ago. Currently, it’s very rare to find equipment that uses it today. Commonly, there is a specification for this Bluetooth version. Version 2.1 is often seen, but there are a lot of devices that use older versions of Bluetooth, such as Bluetooth 4.0 and even Bluetooth 5.

The most important problem is what Bluetooth version number is when you purchase an audio speaker. The most significant advancement for audio was Bluetooth 2.1 that had an audio profile known as EDR, which stands for enhanced data rate. This improved audio quality because it allowed the wireless connection to transfer more data, allowing it to offer a more precise rendition of the audio. If the speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 or greater, it is fine. The higher versions generally provide additional capabilities to support data collection from fitness trackers or other sensors. So, unless your speaker has many additional features (unlikely), it doesn’t matter, but it’s not in any way a disadvantage.

  • Connecting multiple speakers: Certain speakers can connect to another speaker to create stereo sound. When stereo sounds are crucial for you, then this feature should be considered and put on your “wants” list as there are currently quite a few speakers that can do this.
  • NFC: Connecting a music player such as a cell cellphone or an iPod to Bluetooth speakers is usually simple. But it is also possible to utilize NFC near field communication for NFC equipped speakers to skip the settings and play music. NFC lets compatible devices connect to speakers via Bluetooth by simply tapping the two devices together. However, even while iPhones are equipped with NFC capability, it’s employed to pay for Apple Pay, and as a result, NFC is used solely to protect users. This means that the capability can only be used with Android phones. However, as we all know, it’s very easy to connect via Bluetooth nowadays.
  • Wired inputs Some older gadgets like the iPod classic don’t come with Bluetooth. You can either purchase an inexpensive Bluetooth transmitter or look into a connected audio wire! Most speakers feature a 3.5mm connector, which means it’s possible to connect with wired-only devices by using a compatible cable. Before you assume that a specific speaker has a jack input, it is always advisable to confirm.

Speakerphone function:  It may be that when using a phone as a source of music, you need to answer calls. This is possible by using speakers with an integrated microphone as well as speakers with speakerphone capabilities. That is a great option if the speaker is installed on a desk. It is likely to be annoying for other people if it is located at the side of a pool of water since everyone will hear the conversations. There’s a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers accessible from a variety of stores. Many are affordable, while others are expensive. Depending on what you need and want, choose the best you can afford as the performance and quality are better. Go for a very low-cost one when it’s for things like travel, and you’ll take it with you and not be concerned about it.


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