Meet the Education Finalists in the iTnews Benchmark Awards 2022

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The iTnews Benchmark Awards recognize outstanding educational institutions, with education finalists in three categories this year. In addition to education, the awards recognize the innovative use of technology to improve learning outcomes and execute health scores. To learn more about the finalists in each category, read below. There’s an award for every category – so don’t miss it! And stay tuned for more updates on the finalists in these categories!

iTnews Benchmark Awards finalists

The iTnews Benchmark Awards announced the finalists for the Education category, which includes three Australian universities. The finalists, selected by a panel of experts, will be judged on how they use innovative technologies to improve student outcomes. Victoria University’s Block Model provides unique insights into student and teacher performance, and the award will honour this work. The winners will be announced in early March.

Applicants are required to have successfully completed their project between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. It must be an Australian organisation and have been tested by actual end users. Entrants may submit multiple entries for consideration. Judges will consist of the editorial team at iTnews, as well as guests who provide invaluable expertise. The finalists will be invited to attend the iTnews Benchmark Awards dinner.

iTnews Benchmark Awards categories

The iTnews Benchmark Awards are a global recognition of IT projects that have made a lasting impact in a particular industry or region. These awards honor projects that have successfully overcome significant business challenges while simultaneously advancing IT. This year’s finalists span a broad range of sectors, including consumer data, federal and state government IT projects, and significant projects in telecommunications, construction, and energy.

The iTnews Benchmark Awards honour Australia’s leading IT projects, teams, and leaders. Past winners of the prestigious awards include the Reserve Bank of Australia, Feros Care, Service NSW, and Suncorp. There are also multiple categories for a student project, and a project for an education organization or government organisation will receive special recognition. The awards ceremony will be held at KPMG’s Barangaroo headquarters in Sydney.

The pandemic experience presented a rare window for innovation and adoption of new technologies. During the pandemic, the educational sector adopted new methods of digital teaching and learning, such as online learning and videoconferencing. The pandemic, however, also exposed the digital divide. As a result, the education sector still lags behind the rest of society. To make the future brighter, a school or university should consider investing in innovative digital teaching and learning techniques.

iTnews Benchmark Awards finalists in the education category

iTnews’ Benchmark Awards recognise Australia’s most innovative IT projects, individuals, and teams. Past winners include the Reserve Bank of Australia, Suncorp, Feros Care, and Service NSW. This year, finalists include Melbourne Water, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Nine, and the Australian Taxation Office. The awards will be presented in Sydney on Wednesday, June 28, at KPMG’s Barangaroo offices.

Entries for the 2022 iTnews Benchmark Awards were received from around the world. In addition to individuals, groups, and functions, the award recognized innovation across all industries. While some entries did not make the cut, others were recognized for their excellence and were featured in mini-documentaries throughout the first half of April. The awards ceremony will take place on June 15 at a KPMG event, where the finalists will be announced.

David Abramson is the Education CIO of the Year, and his nomination has been endorsed by the Australian Government. He won the award last year. ITnews Benchmark Awards are voted on by staff and colleagues. Voting is open until February 28. Nominations will close early March, and the winners will be announced at the KPMG dinner in Sydney. If you are a business leader, you can nominate someone for a Benchmark Award by visiting the ITnews website.

iTnews Benchmark Awards finalists in the execution health score category

The finalists in the iTnews Benchmark Awards for Education in 2022 include three Australian universities, including Victoria University. The finalists have been chosen by an expert panel based on their innovative use of technology. The award winners will be announced early in March. Victoria University is one of three finalists in the category, and the team’s Block Model helps educators and students achieve better learning outcomes.

iTnews Benchmark Awards finalists in the IT risk stability score category

The iTnews Benchmark Awards for IT Risk Stability Score for Education in the year 2022 were presented to three companies, Hive Lab, CBA, and edTech. These companies invested heavily in the research and development of new solutions, which were tested by more than 40,000 users. The three finalists for this category have a shared goal: to deliver 30 new experiments each year, with 18 percent of the solutions implemented.

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