Sam jeebun | Managing Director Aster Healthcare

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If you are looking for a nursing home that provides your loved one with a home-like environment, you have come to the right place. Sam Jeebun is a well known name in the healthcare industry of the UK. The reason for this is that he leads four nursing homes across the country. The aim of these nursing homes is to provide the residents with joyful and home-like environments. Here, they are all encouraged to customize their bedrooms and take walks in the gardens. The nursing homes are situated near markets and local traveling stations to make life easy for the residents as well as their visitors. Sam Jeebun has always made sure to guide the goals of Aster Healthcare in the direction of giving back to society.

Here at Aster Healthcare, we have built a network of trained physicians, nurses, and care staff to be specifically able to care for dementia patients. Our special dementia care team and protocols are exemplary and have been proven effective and helpful over the years. Dementia patients are given 24-hour care from qualified nurses including washing, dressing, medicine, making contact with friends and family, and anything else important for the patient’s well-being. Visit Aster Healthcare today or get in touch with us through email or phone call.

Along with self-contained bedrooms and sociable spaces, we have a lift, wheelchair access, gardens for the residents, nearby public transportation, phone points in all bedrooms, and televisions in all bedrooms. Our dedicated staff aims to provide a high quality of life to our residents in a personalized environment.

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