Top 5 Custom WordPress Development Trends 2022

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WordPress outperforms other content management systems when it comes to web development, powering around 35% of the top one million websites. It’s simple enough that even inexperienced site administrators and business owners can make basic changes, such as adding blog posts or images and videos. WordPress offers an extremely big library of plugins for its users, making it 100 percent customizable to your unique needs while also providing a mobile-friendly layout and easy search engine optimization. Webiside LLC Provides WordPress Development Services.

Headless WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that is “monolithic.” It is still designed with front-end displays, despite having a complex back end for content generation and management. By wrapping display functionality in plugins and themes, WordPress connects the front and back ends of it.

However, you can easily decapitate the features of WordPress’s robust content management system, resulting in a lightweight and efficient CMS. Using WordPress can help extend the content management you’ve built in it beyond your theme.

You’d be able to access all of the platform’s back-end features in this situation, but the system would become reactive. Content will wait for it to be fetched before reacting.


Greater control: It’s all about control. Uncoupling WordPress gives you nearly limitless control from a development standpoint. Front-end developers can use dynamic JavaScript to provide a user experience that isn’t restricted by the template and we have one of the best developers who can provide you with the best Custom WordPress Development Services

Increased scalability: Working with a headless system allows you to scale it up quickly. Your content may expand, and because you’re now an API-first store, you’ll be able to quickly respond to new user requests.

Increased security: The risk of your content being compromised is reduced using decoupled and headless techniques. Because your content is separated from your front-end delivery, it is less vulnerable to third-party application failures.

Lightweight design: You lose a lot of weight when you lose your head. Now that your system consists of a content database and API requests, your content delivery may be responsive, elegant, and quick.

2. Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are useful for answering the questions of the visitors, keeping track of their preferences, upselling products and services, and simply providing information. People are gradually seeking a similar experience on any other website they visit, thanks to a few companies providing excellent customer service through chatbots. As a business owner, you should be aware of this trend and consider having a chatbot built for your WordPress site.

3. WooCommerce Growth

If we talk about the eCommerce WordPress plugins, WooCommerce commands the most market share. 93.7 percent of WordPress-based online stores use WooCommerce. A WordPress website developer only uses WordPress for websites with online stores, and WooCommerce is usually preferred over other plugins.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate your store with your website. It’s adaptable and provides a wide range of options for business owners and developers. It also has a large number of extensions and is regularly updated.

Advanced plugins and extensions are available to WordPress and WooCommerce users, allowing them to expand their sites beyond their wildest dreams. For our growing customer base, we regularly focus on introducing new products, interfaces, and services. Although many of our extensions can be purchased in our extension marketplace, we are also working hard to form partnerships that will allow us to provide free extensions.

These are the areas where you should concentrate your efforts to improve the shopping experience in your store:

Clean layout

Make effective use of white space.

Keep fonts and colors to a bare minimum.

Ascertain that each piece serves a specific purpose.

Responsive design

Check to see if your site can adjust to different screen sizes without losing important elements.

User-friendly navigation

Fast Loading Media

Customers are eager, and nearly 70% of them believe page speed is a deciding factor in whether or not they will buy, according to a survey.

4. Performance Improvements

WordPress focuses on systematically optimizing performance. The primary focus is on making most of the improvements required to the WordPress core, as well as thinking about how to help plugin and theme developers create software that doesn’t slow down websites.

It would be beneficial to upgrade to a high-performance hosting service. A faster website is necessary because most visitors expect a website. To load in less than two seconds or they will abandon it. Conversions are reduced by 12% for every second a website takes to load.

5. Accessibility Improvements

Website accessibility is ensuring that your website is accessible to and usable by as many users as possible. When creating a website, you should think about the overall form, purpose, and design first. When creating a website, you should think about the overall form, purpose, and design first.


WordPress is a well-known and widely used content management system that is used to create dependable and scalable websites for businesses of all sizes and Webiside LLC WordPress Development Agency is extremely beneficial for both small and large businesses. Look for the best WordPress development company to assist you, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a makeover.


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