Unlimited Wireless Internet For Rural Areas of the USA

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When it comes to home unlimited wireless internet options in rural areas of the USA, the options are often rocky. You may have cap-throttled satellite or slow DSL connections, but small towns are blessed with glorious Internet connections. Sometimes, wireless phone companies have developed low-key solutions to this problem, such as unlimited LTE home plans. Most 4G LTE service plans are capped at a certain number of hotspots. But there are options like wireless internet plans that give you unlimited hotspot usage.


If you live in rural areas of the USA, you may want to consider signing up for Kinetic wireless internet service. This service offers reasonably high speeds in rural areas and is available in 18 states. It is particularly popular in Mississippi, Georgia, and Kentucky, but it is not yet available in New York, Texas, or Wisconsin. You can sign up for unlimited data plans, too. But you should know that these plans are not available in every rural area.

In rural areas, Kinetic by Windstream is a staple. Its speed caps at 50 Mbps but can be higher, depending on the network and terrain conditions. Some areas may get speeds in the 400-Mbps range, but you should check before signing up for this service. Suddenlink also has some rural communities within its 20-state coverage area, so you may find it easier to find service there.


While the company has a range of plans, Suddenlink is best known for its high-speed cable internet services. The company serves mainly rural areas, with six of its eight plans available in areas where the infrastructure supports gigabit speeds. Some plans use fiber for those who need higher speeds, although the company does not offer fiber in every location. In addition, there are no price differences between the cable and fiber versions.

While the company doesn’t require contracts, you may want to check for any additional fees. Suddenlink’s internet plans also come with free monthly subscriptions to Cheddar and CuriosityStream. The annual subscriptions are around $20, but you can often find them for even less, especially when you buy them in perpetual sales. In addition to unlimited access, Suddenlink also provides 24/7 customer support.


If you live in a rural area with limited broadband options, you may want to consider using Viasat Unlimited wireless internet. This satellite service does not require a phone line or coaxial cable and offers decent speeds and data allowances that rival competitors such as HughesNet. You should note that the Viasat price is higher than those of CenturyLink and other internet providers, but you may not have to pay for early termination fees.

Satellite internet is available in most rural areas, but the speed can be limited due to several factors, including weather and the physical satellite dish. Because the signal travels 22K miles, the connection may be slower than with a traditional modem. The signal may also be clogged by physical obstacles, which increases lag time. Furthermore, hitting monthly data caps can throttle the connection. Therefore, it is important to check whether your current internet provider can support your specific area.


Many remote workers and businesses have relocated to the country for various reasons. While rural areas may have more natural beauty and cheaper real estate, they are often unable to receive adequate broadband Internet speeds. This article will look at some of the best options for rural broadband. If you live in one of these areas, you should find out what options are available. Also, consider whether the area has an existing phone line or will need to be wired for high-speed wireless internet.

CenturyLink has a decent speed and good service terms. This plan is available for qualifying customers only and is not available everywhere. The speed is 100 Mbps, enough for one person to do most online tasks but can be sluggish if multiple people use the same connection. CenturyLink may also require a modem available for lease for $15 per month + tax. But be aware that this is a limited-time offer, and service areas can change without notice.


It was difficult to find a provider of unlimited wireless internet for rural areas in the USA until now. That’s all about to change. Thanks to a trade association, 2,000 companies now offer this service to rural customers. The association reports that more than 2.5 million people now have access to such services. However, it’s important to note that these services are only available to certain neighborhoods and are not necessarily available in all areas.

There’s no reason to think that rural America doesn’t need unlimited wireless internet. It’s estimated that 35% of rural American households do not have access to rural high-speed internet. And as a result, more than 30 million people lack access to digital services like fast unlimited internet. This means that those residents are being left behind in terms of culture, commerce, and opportunity for growth. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai likens this need for rural internet service to the efforts to electrify rural areas.

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